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Outstanding Works Collection | 2023' Charming Oriental China International Lingerie Creative Design Competition

Editor: SunHing | Date: March 21, 2023

After the preliminary evaluation of each year's competition, there are many amazing works that are regrettable. They are only one step away from the final. Although they have not been shortlisted, they have also received great favor and appreciation from the judges and teachers. Let's take a look at this year's "Lost Pearl Regret".

2023 'Charming Oriental · China International Lingerie Creative Design Competition

ranking in no particular order

Designer: Luo Tingyuan
"Cloud Thinking Clothes"

Designer: Qiu Shaojie

Designer: Zhu Qingqing, Chen Siying, Cui Ying
"Explore Now"

Designer: Wu Jiawen
"Plump & Skinny"

Designer: Long Li
"'Orange' Run"

Designer: Wang Xiwen
"Machinery Belle"

Designer: Fan Chao, Pei Zhongheng
"Or black as paint"

Designer: Xu Yan
"'X' Demon Girl"

Designer: Liu Yinmei
The Future

Designer: Deng Lizhen, Luo Wei
《Slide Youth》

Designer: Xu Ting
"Cut Fun"

Designer: Liu Huibin, Cui Baiyang
"Sudden Youth"

Designer: Zhang Chen, He Yifei
"Rhythmic Yoga"

Designer: Wu Shuyun
"Youthful Me"

Designer: Huang Yiyan

Designer: Guo Xinyi

Designer: Li Ziyi

Designer: Wang Ziwei
"Flowers · Sunflower"

Designer: Wang Yuxin

Designer: Cheng Minghe
"Honeycomb Immigration Plan"

Designer: Yang Shanshan
"Crane language"

Designer: Liang Zhengye

Designer: Min Libo
"Flying Kite"

Designer: Hu Jianbin
"'@' PLAN."

Designer: Jiang He
"The power of flo"

The exhibition of outstanding works has been completed, which can truly be described as a visual feast with unique characteristics.

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